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Still having problems? Below are a few services we offer that may help!

Virus Removal & Cleanup

We can remove all viruses from your computer, restore previous settings and help prevent them from returning. Think your computer has a virus? LEARN MORE

Data Backup Solutions

Don’t lose your photos, documents & other important data ever again! Let Tuff Techies setup a cloud or local back solution to keep you safe. LEARN MORE

Data Recovery

Lose your pictures, documents or other precious data? Don’t worry, Tuff Techies can get your data back! Call us today at 928-710-7632 for help. LEARN MORE

Apple Mac OS

Mac OS is different than other operating systems and requires a different set of expertise. Our techs are experienced in Mac OS X 10.5 or newer. LEARN MORE

Laptop Screen Repair

Cracked laptop screen? Distorted picture? Don’t worry, we can help! We order the screen, install the screen and your on your way.  LEARN MORE

Tune-up & Optimization

Just like vehicles, computers require some basic preventative maintenance. Our tune-up will help ensure your computers good health. LEARN MORE

Software Issues

If you’re having problems running or using a software program we can help. Rescue, repair or re-install, we can get the job done! LEARN MORE

Microsoft Windows

All of our techs are knowledgeable in all versions of Windows; Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. LEARN MORE

Smartphones & Tablets

Tuff Techies can help you with all software and hardware problems your mobile devices may encounter. Need help, contact us! LEARN MORE

Install Operating System

Installing a fresh copy of your current operating system is like starting over with a new comptuer. No errors, fresh settings and faster computer. LEARN MORE

WiFi & Internet Connection

Having trouble connecting your computer, tablet or smart phone to the internet? Well we can get you working again. Call today! LEARN MORE

Hardware Failure

Has your hard drive, power supply or other part stopped working? We can diagnose and repair all your computer hardware issues. LEARN MORE

Printers & Multifunctions

Our techs have experience working with all the major brand of printers, scanners, and multifunction machines. Got printer problems? We can help! LEARN MORE

TV Mounting & Installation

Our mobile TV installers are experienced in both mounting flat screen TV’s as well as running (hiding) TV cables within the wall. LEARN MORE

Computer Repair & Help

Is your desktop or laptop computer having problems? Our expert techs can solve all your hardware, software, network and other issues. LEARN MORE